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Crushing capacity of 8,300 TCD with MW co-generation, 23MW export The company was incorporated in the year 1997 followed by the acquistion of a sugar mill in Dhanaura ,UP, with a capacity of 2,500 TCD . In the year 2007, the company established 30MW co-generation power plant and exporting 23MW to UPSEB. The capacity of the production facility has now been increased to 8,3000 TCD with plans in place to expand to 10,000-12'000 TCD. The investment in infrestructure and technology has led company to achieve a turnover of INR 175.38 crore during FY 2006-07, an increase of 106% in a short four year period.

A.B. Sugars Ltd. (Dasuya,Punjab) Crushing capacity 7,500 TCD, generate power of 33 MW with 25 MW power export.





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